When booking through our website – a discount of 5% to 10% and a welcome bottle of champagne with fruit in the room.
The transfer is FREE.

Представительский лаундж на первом этаже с выходом на террасу с бассейном
Just 70 meters far from the sea there is a comfortable Guest House "Seven Seas” made for family holiday rest, where you can enjoy the cosiness and comfort, choosing one of the 8 rooms with an exclusive boutique design.
Поднебесная (301) – с видом на море и на улицу, тропический душ, ванна из сандалового дерева.
Do you want to know how it looks like a holiday home of Celestials? The "Celestial" apartment is the pride of "7 Seas" Guest House, because our designers have created a cozy world in oriental style, with its usual luxury and wealth.
Марракеш (302) – королевский номер с собственной террасой.
A truly royal apartments (Odessa) are waiting for you - we have designed every single centimetre of the apartment, creating an unique design with rich colours, evoking fantasy of hot countries. The relaxation worthy of an aristocrat!
Шангри-Ла (303) – двухкомнатный номер, с видом на море и улицу
Two-bedroom apartments designed in a Tibetan style - you have never seen such a luxury apartment near the sea! Shangri-La - is a fictional land, described in the novel by science fiction writer James Hilton.
Монтенегро (203) – двухкомнатный номер с террасой с видом на бассейн
There’s no need to go to Montenegro to feel yourself like on a luxury resort – the two-bedroom apartment in Montenegro style, with access to a terrace will provide a comfortable rest to you and your kids (Odessa)
Марсель (101) – собственная терраса с выходом к бассейну
French sophistication, luxury and elegance of the "Marseille" apartments with access to the pool and terrace - this is exactly what you need on a hot summer day. Here you will understand how do those "blue blood" aristocrats relax!
Прованс (201) – с видом на бассейн, в ванной комнате джакузи (мини-спа)
The ease and simplicity of exclusive design is deceptive. The bright colours and combination of wood tones of furnishings with modern elements and the newest appliances provide an unbeatable combination in the "Provence" style.
Монтенегро (203) – двухкомнатный номер с террасой с видом на бассейн
We have created a little piece of paradise: Odessa became the New York thanks to the design of apartments in Art Deco style. Apartment "New York" will allow you to taste all the delights of luxury and enjoy the beautiful view of the sea.
Этно (204) – двухуровневый  номер, спальня на втором уровне с большой собственной террасой, на первом уровне большая гостиная, отдельный вход.
Do you want some privacy? The cosy duplex apartment with separate entrance in ethnic style – is just what you need! Homely, made in warm colours, the apartment will enchant you with its comfort.
The Rest House "Seven Seas" invites you to relax in the Jacuzzi, swim in the pool, relax in the Turkish bath (hamam), as well as visit a mini-cafeteria, serving delicious breakfasts!
Бассейн — с противотечением, солегенератором, подогревом воды и оборудованная терраса для загара.
Entering the Guest House, the first thing you will see is a large swimming pool, equipped with counterflow, water heater, keeping the water temperature in comfortable range and a salt generator. Near the pool there is designed a terrace for sunbathing, provided with sun loungers.
Турецкая баня (хамам) — влажность 95-100%, 40-50t°
Relieve fatigue load with a unique set of anti-aging treatment in the Turkish bath! Complex of healing procedures rejuvenates your body, and everyone will feel an unusual lightness, not only in body but in the soul.
Солнечная Одесса: зона развлечений для всей семьи
Round the clock discos, cafes, bars, lounges - all variety of summer in Odessa! We will help you to choose the most interesting entertainment program, we can provide a driver!
Одесский оперный театр считается вторым по красоте в мире после Ла-Скалы.
Go down on the Potemkin Stairs, walk along the Primorsky Boulevard and... Visit the hundreds of places, making the pride of the city!
Дельфинарий NEMO в Одессе
While you relax, your children have fun - cafe with playgrounds, swimming with dolphins, Water Park, leisure activities for the whole family!
Rest in Odessa on the Black Sea shore

Going on vacation, you choose the best direction according to your preferences. But we do know one thing: in the summertime you should visit a sea, so the rest in Odessa - is the perfect option for any traveller!
In our maritime city you will find all kinds of entertainment:
discos and bars open until the morning;
summer grounds overlooking the sea;
Activities in Odessa with children in the dolphinarium, amusement parks, water parks, zoo.

If you want to organize a holiday in Odessa, the reviews on our website will convince you that this is the best way to have a great time together with your friends or your family.
The best hotel of Odessa, 70 meters away from the sea.

Which hotel (Odessa) will be considered the best for a good rest? Only that located on the coast - the Guest House 7 Seas was built just in 70 meters away from the water's edge! Just imagine: you go out in the morning on the private balcony, enjoying a cup of fragrant coffee, you feel the light sea breeze, and see in front of you - the endless expanse decorated with snow-white wave tops ...

This scene can be seen not only in the movies: the Guest House "Seven Seas" offers to its guests the rooms with an exclusive boutique design of different styles:
Apartment "Celestial" – is the pride of the "7 Seas" Guest House, because our designers have created a cosy world in oriental style, with its usual luxury and wealth.
"Marrakech" will amaze you with a truly royal décor, a huge double bed and a private terrace - no any other hotel in Odessa can offer you a holiday worthy of an aristocrat.
"Shangri-la" - Our hotel (Odessa) creators have furnished it in Tibetan style - a pleasant, soothing mustard cream colours beautifully match the sea view out the window.
"Montenegro" – is a true Marine Hotel: Odessa is located on the seafront, so we decided to add a little "marine" tones to the design of the apartments.
"Marseille" will appeal to those who are not indifferent to the elegance of French style.
Apartment "Provence" looks simple only for an uneducated opinion: we have carefully developed this design, trying to make sure that you get a relaxing holiday in Odessa - this room gets only the best reviews, because the special atmosphere will provide you with comfortable accommodation and the comfort of home.
"New York" - the name speaks for itself: the Hotel (Odessa), could not ignore the boutique design and created apartments with private terrace overlooking the pool in the courtyard and the sea.
"Ethno" The homelike, made in warm colors, the apartments will enchant you with its comfort.

Despite the fact that our city is marine city (Odessa), the Hotel «Seven Seas» is decorated in different styles, but one thing is always same - any interior combines perfectly with beautiful views outside the window.
What else can Odessa offer you: hotel with a Turkish bath (hamam) and swimming pool.
Going to our city, many people check pensions in Odessa, coming mainly to those built in the Soviet era. But now it’s the 21st century, and since then the city's appearance has changed, more and more modern buildings raises in Odessa, and the Hotel «Seven Seas» among them.
The hotel "Seven Seas" - is a residential complex for tourists who want to get the most out of the rest. Here you will find a heated swimming pool and hammam, where you can perfectly relax after a whole day spent at sea.

Those visitors of the city, who once stayed in the Hotel "7 Seas", always recommend us to all their friends - beautiful view of the sea sunrise which you can contemplate, standing on a private terrace, just in 70 meters from the surf and a convenient location close to the main attractions, make the Guest House the best choice for everyone.