Sunny Odessa: entertainment area for the whole family

Attractions of Odessa – is the face of the city, like a cover of a book. And maybe just because so many places of interest, so many tourists love this marine city, that proudly spread out its districts like wings along the coast. First of all, Odessa is am entertainment area, where you can find beautiful places for all tastes – from the palaces and unique architecture to museums and recreation parks.

Absolutely everything breathes beauty here and fills you with warmth and refreshing you with the sea breeze. Our Guest House “7 Seas” recommends to you all, from young to old visit the following entertainment places:

The most striking sights of Odessa: the palaces and museums

Not many of cities can boast such an extensive collection of palaces:

  • Walk along the Primorsky Boulevard to the end – and you will come to the Vorontsov Palace and the Colonnade by the architect Boffo, whose masterpieces still impress you with their grandeur and range.
  • Stop by the Odessa House of Scientists, formerly a Palace of the Count Tolstoy.
  • The Odessa Local History Museum was formerly the Novikov’s Palace. Don’t be deceived by its simple appearance – just go inside, and you’ll see that the first impression is deceptive!
  • And the Shah’s palace, where once lived the real fugitive Shah of Persia, will just take your breath away!

And now let’s remember the attractions of Odessa, without which the image of the city wouldn’t be complete:

  • Odessa Opera House is considered the second most beautiful in the world next to La Scala.
  • Potemkin Stairs, consisting of 192 steps (we are not sure that there is exactly 192 – an suggest you count by yourselves, because this is something that every tourist should do), will make you run like a child on its broad steps. By the way, once there were 200 steps, but due to the expansion of the below street the builders had to remove the 8 steps. There are often held various social events, and on holidays, you can watch bright fireworks.
  • In the Ostap Bender’s Square (the Odessans obviously exaggerated by the word “The Sqare” – it’s just some 2 meters in diameter) located “The 12th chair”.
  • Check out the “Sculpture Garden” near the Literary Museum – there you will find the joke heroes, the satirists Mikhail Zhvanetsky, Rabinovich, Monument to the Mother Odessa, and many others, which makes reflection of humour and the local colour of Odessans. By the way, looking at the Duke de Richelieu’s monument at the beginning of the Potemkin stairs be sure to check out also its small copy in the garden – it is wearing jeans and Odessa on the globe is shown as a separate continent.

Sunny Odessa – is an Entertainment Area at any time for any age! Moreover, the attractions have as much  humour as people who live here.

Different Odessa: holidays for children at an amusement park and water park

Odessa doesn’t forget even those small kids: your child’s vacation will be reach, if you take it to the  amusement park, located in Shevchenko Park. Here you can admire the beautiful view of the sea, sit on a bench on a shaded alley and eat some ice-cream. And then just take a ride on the highest Ferris wheel in Ukraine , called “South Palmyra.”

As far as diverse Odessa – recreation for children is not going to be boring, as there is water park “Nemo” located on the Lanzheron beach, where everyone can swim with dolphins and watch them while a  performance together with the sea lions.

Your leisure time Odessa recommends you to spend on the beach – here at your service catamarans, scooters,  “water banana”, and yachting. And if you are not afraid of extreme and want to discover something new, active leisure in Odessa can be presented to you as underwater museum (beach Lanzheron), kite and windsurfing.

Whatever entertainment you choose, the “7 Seas” hospitably opens its doors to every guest of the city, offering the best accommodation just in 70 meters away from the beach!