Family Holidays: Odessa offers the most interesting places!

The main entertainment centre (Odessa) for those, who are young by years and soul – it is an amusement park, which is located in Shevchenko Park. It works all year round and is located very conveniently – almost in the centre of town, where there is a beautiful view of the sea. Here you will find a wonderful holiday with your children: Odessa offers the largest Ferris wheel in Ukraine called “South Palmira”.

There are also located other attractions – carousels for kids, cars, where not only kids can enjoy the speed, but adults (not just the speed, but also funny collisions!); and, of course, no fun without a roller coaster with steep turns and ups!

It is also worth mentioning that almost all places of entertainment for children in Odessa are located close to numerous cafes and restaurants where adults can have a rest while their kids are having fun on the playground – many owners have made possible family holidays, adding some playgrounds to the public facilities, where even some specially hired educators can watch your kid.

Children’s entertainment centre: Odessa, Arcadia, Waterpark

Those who come here in the summertime not only want to bath in the sea, but also to enjoy the water slides – the children’s entertainment centre of Odessa, Arcadia, can offer this for you, just in 30 meters away from the sea.

If you do not want to visit exactly this children entertainment centre (Odessa, Arcadia), you can leave the city limit and travel to the 7th km of Ovidiopil Road where is located one of the country’s largest waterparks. There are more than 15 different water slides for children and adults, and an on-site cafés, where you can eat when tired of water treatment.

Informative vacation for kids in Odessa

If you want not only to relax but also to learn something new – you should go to the Museum of Interesting Science. There is a lot of interesting for those school losers, and also for nerds as well. Even adults will be interested to see some of the experiments and their amusing results.

Vacation for children in Odessa will not be complete if you don’t taste delicious chocolate? In the city centre there is located “Lviv chocolate manufactory”, and just nearby, there’s a chocolate museum where you can contemplate the extraordinary and wonderful figurines (made of chocolate, of course!), created by talented artists of Ukraine! Do not forget to check-out the «Chocolate Handmade» – here is also a lot of useful and interesting things.

By the way, not far from the theatrical pearl of Odessa (The Opera and Ballet Theatre) there is a unique museum “At Granny Ootya’s”, where your kid’s leisure (Odessa) will take a lot of fun and fun for the whole family: the wax figures of famous characters of children and adult movies and cartoons. Your child will definitely be interested to take photo with the real princess Fiona, stand next to Harry Potter or draw faces next to Shrek.

A holiday for children: Odessa invites you to the zoo!

There is no vacation with children in Odessa possible without seeing the main event – a meeting with wild animals, safely shielded from any contact with humans. Almost all representatives of the fauna found in aviaries – sometimes the zoo keepers let those phlegmatic flamingos or relaxed pelicans walk right on the track where the visitors are passing.

Proper children rest Odessa must supplement with visit to aquaterrarium (near the zoo), where you actually need to buy an extra ticket. But you will not regret spending so small – here you go – the crocodiles and rare fish from around the world, and even lazy pythons half a meter thick!

Entertainment centre: Odessa, “Nemo”, Lanzheron

If you want not just to swim in the pool, but also have fun with dolphins, you need a special entertainment centre – Odessa, Langeron, Dolphinarium “Nemo”.

As you can see, vacation for children in Odessa is very diverse and interesting – here there are attractions for the whole family.