Some people come to Odessa for the bright lights of discos and festivities till morning in a variety of cafes and restaurants, many of which are open around the clock. But active recreation enthusiasts are always looking for something special, and for them Odessa has prepared a variety of options:

  • Rent a yacht. The sea breeze, the splashes of waves and a glass of sparkling champagne, raised in the last rays of the sun… You can organize for your significant other the most unforgettable tour across the Black Sea on a yacht of different capacity.
  • Surfing. In order to get the thrill and bath in the sea it’s enough to learn surfing. In Odessa, you will learn how to conquer the restive waves, soaring on the crest by a single move. There are special surfing schools offering training and equipment.
  • A bike. In Odessa you can find a very long route, called the Health Route, stretching along the coast. On one of the beaches you can rent a bicycle or scooter and ride while enjoying the sea views.
  • Scuba diving. A relatively new form of active leisure, allowing you not only see the beauty of the underwater world, but even visit the underwater museum, where the leader of the proletariat himself will look at you, and the guarding him dog may bark.


Everyone will find in Odessa activity he likes, but one thing is certain – you will fill yourself with the spirit of the sea, with the warmth of the sun and enjoy those positive things that always gives to its guests the Pearl by the Sea!