Odessa for its more than 200-year existence has got many monuments. And considering the special flavour of local people, many of the sights are marked with humour. For example, looking at the Duke de Richelieu’s monument on the Primorsky Blvd., don’t forget to look at its smaller copy in the “Sculpture Garden” near the Literary Museum: there is the one of the founders of Odessa stands proudly on the globe, on which Odessa is shown as a separate continent, and the important aristocrat is wearing… jeans! Well, don’t care that 200 years ago there were no jeans! Odessans believe the jeans are invented right here, and were smuggling exported to America right from the Small Arnautskaya street!

From Primorsky Boulevard down the famous Potemkin stairs, which now has… No, let’s not say how many steps – every tourist must count them by himself! Do not worry: you can go back by a cable car, and passing by, take a look at the sea port from above.

Be sure also to visit the Opera and Ballet theatre, which is taking the 2nd place in the world on beauty. Walk along the pedestrian street of Deribasovskaya, funny clattering with your hills on the cobbles – it remembers Pushkin, Babel, and even the Sonka the Golden Hand. There is also the City Garden, given by the Mayor’s Office in the possession of the citizens: a lot of benches under the trees calling you to sit after a walk around the city. Nearby there are many cafes, where you can buy something refreshing – alcoholic and non-alcoholic as well.

Odessa – a city of contrasts (there is quite a common sight, as a Jew, an Arab, and an Armenian easy discussing the weather for tomorrow), invariably sincere atmosphere and an extensive collection of historical sights, filled with special Odessa flavour and humour.